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Swallow Tails now in stock! For some action video on the Swallow Tail check out Great Lakes Fly Shop on Facebook!!

Swallow Tail in construction!!The Arx from Waterworks Lamson is one kick ass reel. Perfect for conditions such as ours out here in the Northland of Minnesota. Partially caged with a portion of the spool devoted  to allow those moments when you feel you have to slow  a big steelie by palming the reel. What?? Why, you have a perfectly placed dragged knob for easy access and not able to grab other things such as your line or jacket sleeve.  At full capacity this reel is a monster, coming in at close to 9oz's it holds anywhere from 125 yards of 20# backing with a 500 grain Skagit and 100' of running line to 275 yards of 30# backing with a 725 grain Skagit and 100' of running line. Smooth black hard plated coating on 6060 bar stock alumi with incredible stopping power and very low inertia it delivers! Get ya some of this reel you will not be disapointed!

With Spring Steelhead Season soon approaching its time to think of gear and methods of fly fishing. One area that is getting alot of attention is "dropping Beads" or "pegging". This is no new concept out West or in Alaska but is gaining ground here on the North Shore of Minnesota and the Bois Brule River in Wisconsin. "Pegging" is just jamming a toothpick inside the bottom or top bead hole and breaking the excess off. Thereby holding the bead above the hook at 1" no more then 2". The purpose of pegging the bead began when fish were taking yarn patterns in too deep and were being hooked in the back of the throat and inside the gill plates. This pegging method allows the hook to penetrate outside the mouth there by keeping alot of steelhead around for the next season. Remember a steelhead hooked in any other area other then the mouth is an illegally hooked fish, PERIOD!! Use common sense, use the bead "pegging" method properly! If its not working for you go to another method to fly fish for steelhead!

RL Winston's Green Finish and Hand Inscription

RL Winston's finish is the finest in the industry "Period". "Winston Green" stands for quality, beauty and impeccable performance! RL Winston uses a proprietary and time consuming multi step hand finishing process that requires multiple green and clear protective coats to get it just right. RL Winston performs their rod finishing in a secret room where no outsiders are allowed to ensure their formula remains unique to Winston. The resulting finish not only yields a spectacularly beautiful, cosmetic translucent green look, but also provides important impact protection to the Boron and carbon fiber materials in the rod. Once the rod is ready and has passed numerous quality inspections, every section of every Winston rod is then hand inscribed with rod series information, rod length and line weight and serial number. It is their way of signing a completed work of art, just before sending it to you!



Welcome to
Great Lakes Fly Shop

....A Full Service Fly Shop serving Minnesota's Northshore of Lake Superior, Wisconsins Bois Brule River, the St. Louis River, the Mississippi River and Boundry Waters Canoe Area. I am always exploring new waters...Follow me on Facebook! 

New at the shop Fishponds New Summit Sling and Patagonia's Stormfront Sling. Both amazingly comfortable ways to carry your gear on the river or lake.  Quick and Easy to put on and holds lots of gear.


People ask me what's the most important piece of equipment you need when fly fishing? I say to them "Your polorized sunglasses!!" I am amazed that so many fly fishing people out there buy expensive rods and reels and then pay $70.00 for a pair of polorized sunglasses. It is most important to have not only protection from low hanging branches, low swinging flys, but also it does no good to fish a spot and not see how that spot is laid out through the glare of the water. Seeing fish is that extra bonus. Make sure they are top of the line polorized sunglasses, preferably glass mirrored. $70.00 glasses lack good reflective polorization from glare during bright and low light condtions and scratch way to easy.  Durability is key as well as good looks. So with that in mind, Great Lakes Fly Shop is glad to bring back a great company to the shop. "Ocean Waves Sunglasses! I have sold these glasses for quiet some years in the past and have used them for many years. To me they make the best polorized sunglasses there is. From their Backwater Green with Amber glass lens to their durable fashionable frames. They are a choice for top guides and tournament folks. Come on down to the shop and check them out!


                Check out these prices on Close Out Rods:
                  ECHO3S      9' 8WT                         Reg: $379.99         Now Priced: $303.99
                  ECHO3         9' 6" 8WT                    Reg: $349.99         Now Priced: $279.99
                  ECHO ION        9' 8WT                    Reg: $189.99         Now Priced: $151.99
                  ECHO ION        10' 7WT                  Reg: $189.99         Now Priced: $151.99

Fishponds Composite Nets are Light, Tough and a great back drop for that trophy catch you need a picture of.. Made of a mixture of Carbon and Glass they will hold up for lots of seasons. Coming in at some awsome coatings such as Native, Original, Tailwater, Riffle Camo and Drift Camo.. See more details on the shopping cart.

"3-2 Craw" John Fehnel's personal pattern is out there bustin Bass!

"What I set out to do was develop a reel that matched the nuances of my experiences (e.g. a tactile experience that combined as many senses together as possible sight, sound and touch can be combined in a reel). What I now offer is a reel in platewind and S-handle that can be ordered to suit a users preference. My preference is the Multiplier Gear & Pawl MGP with a 1-way outgoing check. However, I recognized that others would prefer a traditional 2-way check either in direct drive 1-1 or MGP. Currently, I make several reel models in 3 3/4" and 4" raised pillar design either in Multiplier and a 1-1 direct drive. Both models can be ordered in two possible configurations, a 1-way outgoing check/click only “a silent windup” and a 2-way check/click."

   Tim Gelinas owner/developer of Farlex Reels!

     I am very excited to bring to the Midwest Farlex Reels here at Great Lakes Fly Shop!!


Now in stock. In sizes "Day Pack", "The Original", and the "The Big Bug Box"

The Foot Tractor Wading Boots from Patagonia are a true gem if you are into hiking and fly fishing some pretty crazy topography. LIke our Bois Brule River in Wisconsin. Lots of big boulders to hop around and true up and down hill hiking. These wading boots were made for our area. With incredible construction in the stiching and heavy duty soles, go ahead kick stumps and rocks along the way, for a long time, they are the shit. Wow the bars, what can I say. A BIG improvement over last years model the "Aluminum Bar". Noise is at a minimum and some are scepticle over the weight, don't be a puss, it's not that bad, do some leg lifts, hell. Where you will get the pay off is aluminum stickin, jagged tooth, boulder gripping not slipping on your ass fun and climbing around the mud on trail is a blast also. A boot that others will try to copy and not come close. Patagonia delivers!


Great Lakes Fly Shop would like to take this moment to welcome CF Burkheimer Fly Rods to the Shop. "Kerry Burkheimer has created a niche in the fly rod industry and his reputation as one of the premiere rod designers shines with his series of Spey Rods"....taken from Steelhead Journal 2014 Issue. I look forward to working with Kerry and Randy and the rest of the crew at CF Burkheimer Fly Rods.



I urge everyone to watch this video. It clearly shows how much is at risk with proposed, as well as current mine operations going on in the South Eastern region of Alaska as well as Western Canada and is proposed for Northern Minnesota with the PolyMet Mine. With the introduction of Sulfide Mining operations going on in this country and in Canada I feel the majority of people are unaware of the grave risk that are involved. Please take time to contact your state and local representatives as well as key individuals in Washington. You need to know what is going on with big corporations and newly elected officials in Washington. Thank You.


 Big Fat Mama Frog #2/0.!Lots of pop and a super big size to match. This is the fly to lure the big ones to the top. You do not need to move the line or rod much to get a super big pop out of it. Plop it in the weeds or back bays on a quiet evening where it is total silence and watch out. Great in faster current rivers! This fly is so realistic the local beavers tried to hump it!!!



Now getting some Schlappen Bundles in stock. Check Shop online for available colors and sizing!



The new Echo Prime Fly Rod is the latest creation from fly rod designer Tim Rafeff. I was a little freaked out when the rod showed up at the shop in a 9 foot one piece rod tube. How long has it been since the fly rod industry produced a ONE peice fly rod? I love it, no ferrules to check!!! I couldnt wait, I strung the rod up with Airflo's 40 Plus and took it out! The rod is very smooth which is surprising on a rod with a lot of punch in it.  At 8' 10" it delivers big Dahlbergs and Blockheads at fast precision speeds and if you put them in the wrong place the rod has a strong back bone blank which allows quick pick up and easy redelivery. But yet still displays a nice soft tip. When out fishing with it  I was amazed on what the rod does when it sets the hook on a nice smallmouth or largemouth. Fast and very smooth., watch out when the fish bucks though the rod reacts with a quick recovery slap. The rod holds the fish and brings it to the  boat with lots of power. This rod is a fantastic machine to cast and fight fish with, the very light weight will couple real nice with a fine light weight fly reel. Don't let this one get away, buy it!!!!



Great Lakes Fly Shop would like to take this moment to welcome Boogle Bug to the shop. With their awsome reputation for producing top end poppers and sliders I have no doubt they will do well in our area. Look for them in the on line shopping cart or stop by the shop and pick up a dozen or so!!


New Fire Tiger Musky Double!

The best fly fishing map you can buy!! A map and a passion!! You can't get better info than that!!

It's time for some Hog Farmin! Get 'em up and through the pads! Throw the Dahlberg in the cabbage in a small opening and hold on! Damn Son, ooooh! No better time!!


Need brushing up on your casting? Feel you are in need of some great one on one casting instruction? Just getting started in fly fishing and would love to learn to cast the right way and not learn bad habits? Have a dip in the elbow and don't know if that is effecting your casting? If you feel you've answered "Why Yes!" to all the above questions then give Great Lakes Fly Shop a buzz for additional information and let's set up your Fly Casting Instruction this summer. Or check out "Classses" on the left tool bar. Katherine is a Certified Instructor and life member of the Federation of Fly Fishers. She is also a very involved member of the Arrowhead Fly Fishers here in Duluth. Katherine can be reached at her Web Page www.duluthflyfishing.com.  or by contacting her through her email: naturegirl669@gmail.com.  See you there.

The best pair of waders with the smoothest style of technology has arrived here at the shop. Patagonia's Rio Gallegos Zip Front Waders!! I have a pair and believe me they kick ass! Love the fit. The zipper does not leak as some would say and it makes it way easier to get on and off. Great flex in the knees great zippered storage side pockets with fleece lining for great warmth in our colder climate. Reinforced wool lined booty with welded tape. Single seam construction adds to it's durability. Don't think you can get by with Grand Pa's Camo Neoprene Rubber Boot Foot Waders. You Won't! If the smell and sweating won't get ya the RTV hole plugger will. To get more specs on these waders and the bib style Rio Gallegos waders go to the on line shopping area.

Now in stock Derek DeYoung's MN's Brown Trout Flank Sticker!!! See online shopping to get one!!

The ECHO Ion reels are the best reel we've ever seen in the sub $100 category. They're made from what we call a "hybrid" design, cast in aluminum and then machined to provide the benefits of a machined bar stock reel without the high price associated with "fully" machined reels. All Ion reels are then coated with an impact-resistant, matte black finish to provide the best-looking, longest-lasting finish. Six sizes to fit any rod, starting with the 2/3 and finishing with the 10/12, which will hold the largest single-hand or two-handed lines with plenty of backing. ECHO Ion reels have stainless steel internal components and are primarily designed for fresh water use. They are not designed for, but can handle some exposure to salt providing extra care is taken to clean and lubricate them after each day on the water. At $79.95 retail for the three smaller reels and $99.99 for the three larger sizes, the ION reels are a "no brainer."

For the three larger reels we offer an optional heavier drag knob made from solid brass. This knob (sold separately) adds 2.3 oz to the reel weight, helping the reel balance with the longest two-hand rods. $15.99


Whether looking for your first two-hand rod or a great back-up, the ECHO Classic "Long" rods are the smoothest, easiest casting rods in their class. High-grade components and a classic Deep Emerald blank color mean these rods look as good as they fish. They have a crisp action and modest power, allowing performance over the largest range of fishing conditions using both floating and sink-tip lines. New for 2014 is the addition of Switch rods to the Classic range. Staying with the original intent of the Classic's rebirth is putting a fantastic rod in your hands at a great price. Echo took their time on the new ECHO Classic series of rods because they know that if you are satisfied with your first ECHO rod, you'll think about them when you're in the market for another rod. heck you might even tell your friends about Echo









Fishpond,s Lumbar/Chest Packs and Backpack systems. Packs are here to stay, Vest are on their way out! With enough space to carry all the necessities and more to get the job done! Keep the essentials close at hand! Wear as Chest Pack or Lumbar Pack. Fishpond delivers!!


The takes were awsome with the HWY 53 North and the Takillya!

from another day with Tom


Minnesota has some awsome fly fishing awaiting you! Smallies are up and Brook and Browns are hitting buggers and McGinty's in smaller rivers up the shore and south of Duluth. Cheers!



I now stock Clear Cure Goo and Fish Skull products. Check out "On Line Shopping" to get more details.

The ultimate pigion killing machine in Duluth MN!!




Musky Doubles are now in stock! Get them while they last!

Musky Madness is soon approaching and you do not want to chase them without this fly. Brought to creation by Musky Guide Brian Porter it has and still brings the "Champions" to the boat everytime.  Coming in at a few inches shy of 12 this fly is coupled with massize 5/0 saltwater Gamakatsu hooks, the finest in production. Production was limited so get them while they last. Cast with Echo's Echo 3 10wt, Airflo's Forty Plus Cold Saltwater Fast Intermediate WF10F and you will get them in the danger zone.

 Hairy Ass Stone. Our local area favorite for Spring run and Fall run Steelhead. Perfect for highsticken' and swinging on the end. Use with lots of split shot during colder months and do the deaddrift. Fight fish and drink good bourbon!! Great for Brule River Steelhead!!    

3-2 Craw Hot Orange

We are a unique fly shop in a very unique area of Lake Superior. We specialize in quality hand tied flies and information for fly fishing for Steelhead,Musky and Smallmouth in our region.

As we continue to find ways to protect and be less entursive to our Wild Steelhead our shop now sells and uses exculusively Ultra Lightweight Clear Injected Molded Bags with Soft Rubber Feel on all our Steelhead Nets and Boat Nets. These nets as you see are non abrasive on the fishes outer area as well alot easier to get the hook retrieved without fouling in the net which other nets seem to do so well.

















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